2012 Ends 2013 Begins

2012 was a very very long year. The Presidential campaign in the U.S.A. dragged on way too long and soiled everything with political grime - Romney dissing 47% of the population was especially grimy. Syrians struggle against their machine and Egypt is in turmoil. The eastern U.S. suffered through Sandy followed by the slaughter of the innocents - 20 little children suffered in Newtown to go unto God.

My dear friend Jay Klinck, who never smoked a day, died of lung cancer. Another dear friend to hundreds, Irena Delahunty, has spent the last 3 months in and out of hospital while her devoted fans pray feverishly for her recovery. My wonderful childless Aunt Diddy died on Mother's Day. Her picture is below.


My children are thriving, my siblings struggle with worries over our 91 year old mother - baby boomers in the sandwich.

Here is my beautiful mother, 28 years old, in 1949.


There are so many many stories, little and big, waiting to be told. At the end of the day, we each have a story - at least one. 365 stories. We are waiting for you to pour them out onto these pages. They are precious. Together they are our collective story.

Please add a story, long or short to this page. Tell about a moment, or a month, or a memory of 2012.

My love to all in 2013.

Jean McGavin

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