Allen VanBlarcum

Allen brings a sense of Texas storytelling to Story Chip, including the ability to spin a tall tale or two. As an art student, he gathered a reputation for wearing Hawaiian shirts and flip flops and could be found settled in his lawn chair in the sculpture lab. He was the man in the know and if he didn't know an answer or solution, Allen was known as the one who would figure it out! This sense of adventure in everyday is what he brings to life. A renaissance man who has added his to our archive.



Now..this is happening right now..while the letters are typed out..soft glow of the Christmas tree while the smooth refrains of Blackie and the Rodeo Kings come frolicking out the speakers. Watching the boys on the tube doing what they do. Piled up in the lazy boy after a fun afternoon of playing...



Engine rumbles to life. Mounted on my Craftsmen 16 horse riding mower I pull out into the yard and begin mowing. Thirty minutes into mowing I notice on a turn at the corner of the yard that a group of my neighbors are gathered out in the street. Rumble rumble rumble chewing weeds as well as grass...


Hot July 4th

The fourth of July one hell of a hot time of the year. So three if us devised the idea to go to the river where we could drink, smoke and float in a cold river, the Guadalupe. Being a typical Texan I had two friends that were as big as I was the three bears, so we gathered our camping gear, coolers,...


Collecting the rent

Being a man of rather large and tall stature, I get called upon to help out from time to time. You know a lady needs something off the back of the top shelf or move pianos that sort of thing. Making the situation worse was the fact that I owned a pick up truck. But once I got a call from a friend,...


Butch Cassidy the III

My Dad had a dog, well he was really an extraordinary dog. I think he was really a cat. He had many lives like a cat. When this young chocolate Labrador limped into my Dad's yard, my Dad took him in and started nursing him. Dad kept an eye on him and he kept getting sicker and sicker. The dog's leg...


Dock Jumper Jack

A good friend of mine passed away last fall. A great fisherman. A fisherman of the first water. Loved it. All of it. The knots and line, thinking like fish..buying lures, boats, rod and reels equipment man. Truly had a great passion for fishing, Jack Rex loved catching fish. We had many adventures...


The Trinty River Stomp

The Trinity River Stomp by Allen VanBlarcum Headin' south on the river On the steamboat Ariel at night 'Bout to make Magnolia Landing Won't my baby be a sight Tonight cause she'll be dancin' She's dancin' the Trinity River Stomp A'int nothing like it She's dancin' the Trinity River Stomp She'll be...


The Right Hands

INT. AIRFORCE ONE PRESIDENT Okay, give the short version. Short and sweet.. ADVISOR They got very drunk and started betting heavy. PRESIDENT Where are we going and how the hell did it get this far? ADVISOR We're headed to Oklahoma to see the Chief and do some damage control. The Senators got very...



EXT. FURIOUS STORM - NIGHT Lighting flashes through the heavy clouds to reveal a flying chariot drawn by two white horses struggling through the wild storm. The warrior in the chariot raises his shield and sword fighting the elements. Swinging his sword cutting at the rain and wind suddenly a...


Sharky Moreno

Jack and I drove down the night before deep into East Texas to the cabin. We woke to a misty morning in late April filled with anticipation and a mysterious fog hanging between tall pines and old oaks. Let me introduce myself and my comrade; I the renowned Sharky Moreno ( world class fanatic Angler;...


Fictional Fishing

Right Angling - Fictional Fishing Headquarters While fishing in very heavy fog ( like pea soup ), Marc Jones of Bedford Parc ( Parc and Marc strange isn’t it , yeah I checked the spelling..) claimed to have caught a fish up in the dense condensation above the water of his favorite pond. Predictions...


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