Basil Campbell - Jamaican Welterweight Champion

Basil Campbell became a professional boxer in Jamaica as Muhammad Ali was creating renewed interest in the sport in the United States. He is one of several boxers who are credited with reviving the sport in Jamaica after his series of four Jamaican Welterweight Title fights with Gerald Gray. Campbell won the first of these fights when Gray was disqualified for throwing Campbell to the mat. Campbell held the title for one year until Gray won the fourth fight on a split decision.

Campbell signed to fight with Angelo Dundee, who is best known for his work with Ali, as his trainer and fought several bouts in the United States. The stories on the following videos were recorded shortly after Dundee's death in February, 2012. Campbell offers insight into working with the Hall of Fame trainer, the state of boxing and race relations in the early 1960's.

The first video is a short clip about working with Dundee.

Basil's first fights working with Dundee presented a whole new set of experiences.

This short clip explains Basil's view of the nature of race relations in Jamaica in the late 1950's that left Basil a little puzzled when he encountered a very different set of circumstances in the United States.

Sometimes all you want is a simple cup of tea with lemon in a cup with a saucer. Sounds easy, but things were a little different in Miami in the early 60's.

The last clip is for fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as Basil talks about Port Royal, Jamaica and how it helped him win a bet.

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