Collecting the rent

Being a man of rather large and tall stature, I get called upon to help out from time to time. You know a lady needs something off the back of the top shelf or move pianos that sort of thing. Making the situation worse was the fact that I owned a pick up truck. But once I got a call from a friend, Phil who needed help collecting the rent. He told me that he had a guy who owed him several months rent on a old gas station. He told me that the guy keeps stalling about paying him and he thought that if he showed up with some large help the guy might get the message. And since, at the time, I was looking for anyway to make a little extra cash and since I could also help out a friend, I took him up on it. I was in town to catch up with my brother so I called him and told him I'd be a little late. When I told why he wanted to come along. Now my brother Turner was in a Industrial Punk band at the time. He was all tatted up with a multi-colored mohawk hair cut and a attitude to match. I figured he'd be the guy to watch my back so I talked Phil into bringing him along. We pull into the driveway of Turner's house to pick him up and Phil honked the horn and 5 or 6 guys come out of the house looked like a biker leather convention. "T" (family nick-name) came walking up with his pit-bull "Stump" on a leash and crawled into he back seat. Stump was wearing his spiked collar, looking his best. Most of his crowd there wanted to go along for the fun of it but Phil didn't want things to get out of hand. So away we go driving down the street and T and I are talked strategies on what to do if this or that happens. We drive for maybe five minutes or so and Phil pulls up at a corner and stops. He says "I'm going to run in here for a minute." T and I sat in the car and waited. About as long as it would take to stop and buy something from the corner store he was back in the car. "Here's a twenty for you and T here's a ten for you.." We both thank him, pocket the money and I ask him so "How far away is this place?" and he grins real big and pulls into the street and drives off. He turns and says "That was it". We looked at each other puzzled thinking we heard him wrong. Phil says "Yeah that ass-hole looked out the window and saw you two sitting in the car and paid right up!" "I think that he's really scared of dogs…especially pit bulls" Well we had a hell of a laugh out of that easiest money I ever made.

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