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An early summer night in Connecticut, 2012

Adams Supermarket, Watertown, CT Add a story; read a story; either way, you gather chips in the game of life. Last night my daughter and I were startled by a couple of kids darting through the dark of the parking lot as we made a quick trip to the supermarket. Other things, cars out of line, quiet store, just seemed awry. Suddenly, we realized we...


An Enhanced Vision

The year was 1974. Barry was eleven years of age, and was a student in the fourth grade, attending an elementary school, and residing in the small industrial city of Waterbury, Connecticut. Barry’s life experience up to this point consisted of the atmosphere and environment of his home and school. He really had little first-hand exposure or...



There are some questions I would like to pose. They concern situations like the Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook Elementary, Gabby Giffords, the Colorado shooting and the approximately 3300 people who died because of shootings since the massacre of 20 first graders and six school personnel on December 14, 2012. Many of these deaths occurred because of...


The Slayer

“Slayer of Two Hunted by Wolcott Posse”. The headline washed black letters across the white face of the newspaper. Stanley had called me from California to tell me to search thru the Waterbury Republican’s archives in the library. Stan had been told that I had begun to search back into the family story. That’s what comes after retiring from...


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