Dock Jumper Jack

A good friend of mine passed away last fall. A great fisherman. A fisherman of the first water. Loved it. All of it. The knots and line, thinking like fish..buying lures, boats, rod and reels…equipment man. Truly had a great passion for fishing, Jack Rex loved catching fish. We had many adventures together some scary and most were Big FUN! My Dad lived on a private fishing club in East Texas, he had invited Jack and I down to fish. We went out late in the evening and came back well after dark. Slipping the boat into the boathouse and tying up. We proceeded out of the boathouse onto the walkway. Well the old railing had been there so long that it had unknowingly to us, rotted. My Dad meet us at the shore, walking out to meet us on the walkway. Jack had a big old stringer full of crappie in his hand. When we meet Dad we stopped and Jack decided to drop the fish into the water and rinse them off a little. When he leaned down on to the railing ,to soak the fish. the rail broke smooth in two. Being within about eight feet of dry ground Jack jumped for it. He came up a little short standing in about three feet of water with the stringer of fish still in his hand. My Dad about busted a gut laughing at Jack jumping into the water like that. All weekend we called him "Dock Jumper Jack".

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