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A Dog named "Lonesome"

FoldUnfold Table of Contents A Dog named Lonesome Puppy Tales A Dog named Lonesome By Dub Ramsel The year of 1936 was no different from 1935 as far as I could tell. People were going around with things to barter for groceries as well as dry goods. This was the year I met Elzy Estes. Elzy had married my cousin Effie Cleveland. Effie was...


Butch Cassidy the III

My Dad had a dog, well he was really an extraordinary dog. I think he was really a cat. He had many lives like a cat. When this young chocolate Labrador limped into my Dad's yard, my Dad took him in and started nursing him. Dad kept an eye on him and he kept getting sicker and sicker. The dog's leg was swollen up and he had several spots that had...


Charlotte and the Back Steps

circa 1936 The child was in the yard with her dog, Spotty, when she saw the man approach the front gate. She knew that was her cue to hurry into the house. C'mon Spotty - hurry up. As the back door closed behind her, she called out to Charlotte – “Mommie, Mommie - there's a Hungry Man coming. Thank you sugar - now you be sure to stay inside ' ...


How We got Rimington

One day Rachel, my sister, saw some Great Dane puppies on the side of the road. They stopped to look at the puppies. After that Rachel begged Mom and Dad to get her one because Christmas was creeping up on them. The she started looking for them in the newspaper. Aha she found an article!!! She was so happy!! She then begged and begged Mom Dad so...


My Biography - Hotsy Totsy, The Dachsie

I was born November 16, 1961, at the home of Mr. and Mr. Karl Basedow in Closter, New Jersey. On December 31, 1961, a nice couple from Tenafly, New Jersey came to look at me for their family pet. I was a very handsome six-week old puppy and I could see both the man and lady were captured by me and after much discussion I went home with this couple....


My Biography - Spoty, The Beagle

My Biography – Spoty, The Beagle I was a young Beagle in 1938 and came to live with a very kind gentleman who liked to hunt rabbits. I had a nice dog house and fenced in dog yard all for me and life was very good. I spent time jumping up on to the roof of my dog house to survey the surrounding area and as my master said –“I could almost see New...


The Legend of Mitzi & the Copperhead

Ca. 1936. This is a story about a Boston Terrier named Mitzi. Actually, it had been intended that her name be “Misty” due to her grey brindle hair coat. (She did, of course have the requisite white markings of the breed: muzzle; blaze between the eyes and over the top of the head; collar; chest; and forelegs.) But back to her name. When Mitzi came...


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