Eggs and Puppy Love

Eggs and Puppy Love… (in iambic pentameter)

I approached the door of the grocery
And took a bold step in to buy some eggs
In my search for the eggs, I saw the girl
Who could, if she wished, sweep me off my feet.
The eggs were against the wall near the cheese,
I placed three dozen in my cart with care.
Then this red-haired girl was approaching me
She stopped and handed me a crumpled note.
Here, sir, she said with a voice of an angel.
I looked ‘round the store and in the bright light
Her hair took on a pleasing shade of red.
But I had to get the eggs to the front
Before they cracked and spoiled from my delay.
On the way to the front, the girl followed,
Urging me to read the note that she wrote.
I reached the check-out. The girl still trailed me.
I paid way too much for the eggs, then left
But the redhead blocked my way to the door
And would not move until I read the note.
Sighing, I placed the eggs on the counter
And opened the note. The girl was very tense.
Did she write that she was one of my fans?
Did she want me to give her my autograph?
Expecting a large boost to my ego
I began reading the well-written note.
Shocked, and with trembling hands I read the words
She had obviously written with care.
What will happen if I do what she wants?
The words: Mr. Jenks, I am in the same class
As your grandson. Despite all I have done
In school, he has completely ignored me!!!
You are a nice man and nice grandfather.
Please, can you speak to Jeff about his class?
Tell him there’s a girl who really likes him.

And the note went on like that . . . a surprise.
I went and picked up my cartons of eggs
Which were for supper tonight at my son’s.
My grandson, Jeff, should be there with his friends.
Three hours later, her message was conveyed.

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