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Some of our contributors to Story Chip found us through a program we conducted as part of the Osher Foundation's continuing education program, Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes. Evelyn Marshak began adding her stories to our archive as a result of the OLLI program.


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It is funny because most times we never think about eggs or buying them. Still with the recent Easter/Passover holidays, eggs played a big part in my shopping and cooking plans. Way back when, my widowed grandmother had a small grocery store and of course she sold eggs. She bought them in bulk. At...


More Interviews With Veterans

I went to a pancake breakfast on recent Sunday morning and was lucky to get these four veterans to talk with me… #1 of 4 Interviews “ I enlisted in the Navy for 3 1/2 years during the Korean War period and trained at the Bainbridge Naval Station”, Dan told me as we sat around a table at the...


Sunrise, Sunset and the Sabbath Candles

If you are Jewish and light the Sabbath candles every Friday, you are so aware of the lengthening of the days as we move through January. Lighting the Sabbath candles marks the beginning of the day of rest. In Hebrew the word Sabbath is Shabbos. Shabbos candles are lit 18 minutes before sunset on a...


Watch Night

Did you attend a Watch Night service on the last night of 2012? I’ll answer for most of you and say no although it marked the 150th anniversary of the issuing of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Lincoln. The original Watch Night was just that, a gathering that included prayer; usually held...


Giant Blanket Sees All

Giant Blanket Sees All, Tells All #48 Every once in a while an inanimate object gains the ability to tell a story. This is one of those rare stories as told to me, to share with you, by a handmade lap robe that spent a very special Sunday at MetLife Stadium home of the Giant Football Team on the...


Veterans Project

“I admit that it took me a long time to talk to my wife about my service years even though I served 25 years in both the Navy and the Air Force, Robert Burkman told me. He had enlisted in the Navy and served one tour. Then he joined the Air Force for one stint and after that he returned to the Navy...


Military Service Goose Bay, Labrador

Lou Kugell is the husband of friend of mine. Still I was a little weary about asking him if I could interview him for the OLLI Veterans Project. He readily agreed and told me he served in the USAF from 1959 to 1962 and he was last stationed at Goose Bay, Labrador working as a mechanic. “When I took...


I Was A Prisoner of War

The following is an interview of Mr. S., a Jewish American soldier held as a prisoner of war in a German Camp during World War II. “My mother was a great baker. After I was liberated from a German prisoner of war camp where I had been held for seven months, I was allowed to go back to Waterbury on...


Talking Water Bottles

Until now, I never revealed to anyone that I was one of these rare people who could walk down the aisle of a grocery store and detect what the water bottles were saying to each other. It was just before Super storm Sandy, 20 others and myself were converging on the bottled water aisle in Stop ...


Election 2012

When I needed an appointment, with the hand specialist, it wasn’t difficult to arrange although I was a new patient. Now in the last few weeks before the election, the same hand specialist is booked for weeks. If you ask why, I’ll explain. If you are like me who is totally ready to scream every time...



Funerals: Not a topic I would have picked but an excellent one especially since most readers don’t know much about Jewish funerals. 1. There are no wakes. Originally, if a person died before sunrise, the funeral was held that day. Think of the hot climate that was the birthplace of the Jewish...


Along the Artichoke Trail

Until a few years ago, I never thought about artichokes. I didn’t eat them nor does anyone in my household. But that was before Jacki and I became grandparents. Neither, my sister nor I had married. We had no children and expected no grandchildren. A knitting lesson changed everything. Jacki was...


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