Giant Blanket Sees All

Giant Blanket Sees All, Tells All #48

Every once in a while an inanimate object gains the ability to tell a story. This is one of those rare stories as told to me, to share with you, by a handmade lap robe that spent a very special Sunday at MetLife Stadium home of the Giant Football Team on the last Sunday of 2012.

The lap robe was mostly blue in color and featured the Giants’ logo. It was made by sister, Jacki Marshak, for Maureen and Michael. On December 30, 2012, it was taken on a trip to New Jersey to watch the game, keep its owners warm, and more importantly tell me what made this game so special. Remember I am not a football fan.

The football team had chartered nine buses and invited about 200 Sandy Hook students and about 200 parents to come to stadium for a lunch buffet and then have a chance to be out on the holy turf itself and hold hands with the players. With the cheering, the crowd size, and the incredible energy of the fans, organizers felt that this would offer the Sandy Hook Elementary School students a chance to be in the sun and maybe help them to heal a bit before starting a new life at the former Chalk Hill Middle School in Monroe.

Note this blanket shared its story only with me but agreed that I could share it with you.

“I was made to keep my owners warm and help them display their loyalty to the team. I was kind of excited because I was newly made and had never been to a football game. I had no colleagues to tell me how to behave but…

“We arrived in New Jersey and since we had a reserved parking space, my owners were relatively calm when entering the stadium.

“I was absolutely amazed that so many people were in the stadium particularly since few had a copy of me to keep them warm.

“While the temperature was low, the crowd’s spirit was extremely high. They were ready to cheer or boo as with any football game but this was not a regular game. For one thing there were about 400 people from Sandy Hook Elementary School family. Some were students and some were parents. They had endured incredible pain that could take a very long time to recede to the back of their minds.

“I had a few worries of my own. I didn’t want to be lost in New Jersey. I work better when there is heat on in my owner’s house. Being a little vain, I was anxious not to be covered with mustard and other condiments dripping from hot dogs or hamburgers. Turned out that was a needless worry.

“Looking back on that day, I am very happy to have been at MetLife Stadium. I enjoyed the sun and felt I had done some little thing to raise the spirits of the ‘Injured 400'.” Who could believe all the efforts to provide a little happiness for 400 people?

Evelyn Marshak
Waterbury, CT © 2012

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