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A Moment with Gretchen

Have you ever wondered: Why dentists put abstract art on the wall instead of the ceiling where you can see it? Why those instruments that look so tiny on the swiveling tray feel so large when they are whirling away in your mouth? If “Marathon Man” style dental questioning was used by the CIA? What dental pain feels like if you have really big teeth...


A very special Christmas.

It was Christmas morning in our new house on Norwood. Standing at the top of the stairs in our red white stripped pajamas we found the note attached to the end of a big red ribbon! At five, I could not read the note very well so my older sister took control and read it aloud to us all. Follow Me the note said! Slidding down the stairs,...


BLM Mustangs

Some of you may remember in November of 2000, we bought a little weanling mustang from the BLM auction. Sundance was to be my horse, but he bonded inexplicably with my weird, professor husband who had never been around horses before in his 52 years. The closest he's ever come is a love of old cowboy movies! Nobody was more surprised than he to find...


Bud Mills - the Stud Horse Man

Bud Mills - the Stud Horse Man By Dub Ramsel Bud was not someone who wore Levis and boots with a denim shirt to pretend to be a cowboy. He was genuine. He did some rodeoinq when he was younger and ranched the rugged hill country around Leaky in Real County, Texas. Real County is about the ruggedest part of the Edwards Plateau. It was not known by...


Bull Fight

Bull Fight It was April, 1971, and I was in Madrid, Spain, with a group of teachers visiting on Spring Break. As an English teacher and admirer of Ernest Hemingway, the macho writer, with his descriptions of death in the afternoon at the bullfights, I was eager to partake of one of his favorite activities-as a spectator , not a participant. We had...



HORSE TRADING IN WILLIAMSON COUNTY By Dub Ramsel There were two full time horse traders in Georgetown when I arrived to the County in 1952. Fred Perry lived and had his lot on University Avenue, or Hwy 29 west. It was on the south side of the street near the bridge that crossed the South San Gabriel River. Fred also kept a sorrel stallion for...


Jack Murray A Man With A Plan

Jack Murray A Man With A Plan By Dub Ramsel When I first met Jack Murray shortly after I arrived in Williamson County, I knew that here was a man who knew where he was going and how he was going to get there. He was a rancher and spent every day except Sunday at the many man killing chores that went along with getting the job done. Only these...


Listening to horses

Hoppy and Horses Four years old with a face lit up like Christmas, fancy two gun rig slung low over chaps with conchos and rawhide ties, tooled leather cowboy boots and of course a cowboy hat all with eyes glued to a black and white television built into oak cabinetry with a 12 inch screen completely filled with the face of William Boyd as...


Living in an Icon

FoldUnfold Table of Contents Hats, Mustangs and Austrians Cowboy Poets Hats, Mustangs and Austrians I blame my parents for causing me to spend most of my life disliking hats. First, my skull is rather large and not really shaped well for a hat built to a more regular oval. Second, genetics has contributed to my thick and curly head of hair....


This Old Man

FoldUnfold Table of Contents This Old Man Cowboy Joe This Old Man By Dub Ramsel This old man I am going to tell about was my grandfather and was born in Grimes County, Texas in 1855. He was named Carlos Clayton Cleveland. His father George William Cleveland was a Veteran of The Civil War. It was said that he attained the rank of Captain....


Thoughts On Aging

I never expected to live this long - almost 94 - and thought my mother was ancient when she died at 80. Her generation saw huge changes in transportation going from horse and buggy to automobile and airplanes, whereas my life has been mostly altered by changes in communication with computers, TV, the internet and cell phones. I believe it was Anne...


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