The Lady of the House

This is the reason I believe in ghosts.

I was living with, for a little while, a very nice lady on one of our local lakes. She warned me that sometimes the "Lady Of The House" stops by to check on "her" house, especially after some alteration had been done. I said fine and asked what she looked like, to which she replied, I would know her when she "came by". Then she explained, she had been interviewed by the "lady" in order to purchase the house. I said I understood, when people build a house they want someone to take care of it. Then she said I didn't understand, the "lady" had passed away from cancer right after she sold it to her. I said okay and thought, yeah right.

Two months after I had moved in with her, we had a bad storm. The roof leaked in several places, so the next weekend I tore off the old roof, repaired all the underlying structure, and put on a new roof. I found photos of the original roof and used the same color and style. It looked great and is, as far as I know, still on the house.
One evening my girl friend worked a night shift, being a nurse this happened from time to time. That night as I slept I felt someone sit on the bed, I thought it was my girl friend, and she had gotten off early. I turned over to say hello and it wasn't my girl friend, it was the "lady", she or it, turned toward me and smiled. "Nice job" the "lady" mouthed and faded to nothing. I wish I could say I acted appropriately, but that didn't happen, I basically went screaming into the night, as they say. After about a week I told my girl friend about that night, I feared her ridicule but received her thanks for being nice to the "lady". This was not the last time I saw the "lady".

There was several other times I saw the "lady", the dock rebuild, the house painting, the seawall rebuild, and the kitchen remodel. I would see her and if she liked it she would smile, if not she would just stare blankly, I repainted the house twice before I got a smile. I don't miss the girl friend, but I do miss the "lady of the house".

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