New Haven Scalper

You guys like off beat sports stories. And cop stories, right. (This takes place after several black men were killed by police and civil rioting was happening.)Let me tell you one that happened to Jack and I last week.

Jack and I went down to the New Haven Tennis Tournament at Yale yesterday. We didn't have tickets but scalping them was never a problem. Corporations buy big blocks of tickets and many find their way down to the street. General admission is $46 but a scalped, much better “Box” seat is usually only $20. It was a light attendance day and no scalpers in the parking lot so we headed onto the Yale grounds. In the middle of the sidewalk was a young (in his 20s) athletic black guy talking with a old (70s) white guy. That's a combination one doesn't see very often so we headed towards them. At the same time that odd couple attracted the attention of a pair of cops from out in the street and they arrived at the same time we did.
One cop says to the Black guy, "Are you selling tickets?" but the black guy is on his cell phone and motions the cop to wait a second. The cop, now a little perturbed says more emphatically, "Its illegal to sell tickets on the street".
Not wanting to miss out on low cost tickets, I decide to become the wild card. I extend my hand to the black guy and say, "Hey Josh, its me, Ralph. Remember? I used to date your sister. Come on. Walk me up to the gate". The cop instantly says to me, "Nice try, butthead". They grab the black guy a little roughly and walk him off the grounds.

Jack and I are now walking up to the gate wondering what we’re going to do for tickets and the old white guy is by our side. After about 100 feet, the old white guy looks back over his shoulder, then reaches into his pocket, pulls out about a dozen tickets and says, "So!! You guys need tickets?" Hahaha. It was the Old White guy who was the scalper, not the Black dude who got tossed.

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