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Rio Arriba County, New Mexico is almost as large as Connecticut and its population is almost as large as Norwich, Connecticut with a population density that is almost as large as North Dakota. Rio Arriba is almost Sante Fe, almost Taos and almost Los Alamos. The people who live in Rio Arriba are almost 90% Hispanic or American Indian and almost 15,000 of them voted in the 2012 elections. Finally, almost 25% of the area of the county is owned by the Federal Government or the various reservations that are partially in the county. That is a lot of almost.

Rio Arriba is divided by the Rio Grande River as if flows from the mountains of Colorado south through New Mexico toward Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. It is also the home of Abiquiu and the Ghost Ranch where Georgia O'keefe lived and worked for many years. Rio Arriba also hosts the Dixon Studio Tour each fall when artists open their studios throughout the small communities of Dixon, Embudo, Rinconada, Apodaca and Canoncito.

The stories in this section are mostly from Embudo and Dixon, but some move into the parts of New Mexico that are almost Rio Arriba. The picture galleries should help you get a sense of the area that these storytellers call home.

The news from Rio Arriba, New Mexico

The Peaceful World of Silvana

Silvana lives in a small adobe surrounded by orchards and is a two minute walk to the Rio Grande. She is or has been a musician, a dancer, a grandmother, a Californian, a European music student, owner...


The Legend of La Llorona

This story begins with a pocket knife, a piece of a limb pruned from an apple tree and a lazy fall afternoon on the banks of the Rio Grande near the junction with the Embudo River. I started cleaning...


Aspens turn yellow early in the fall splashing the mountains of the Carson National Forest with color.

These vistas around Abiquiu, NM were the inspiration for Georgia O'Keefe.

The Rio Grande as it moves through Rio Arriba and frozen over in the winter.

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