The Peaceful World of Silvana

Silvana lives in a small adobe surrounded by orchards and is a two minute walk to the Rio Grande. She is or has been a musician, a dancer, a grandmother, a Californian, a European music student, owner of a laptop running a Linux operating system and above all else, charming. She claims that she cannot write well enough for the pages of Story Chip but has provided us with wonderful audio.

Sufic Dancing

Silvana explains the origins of The Dances of Universal Peace.

Silvana became a leader of Sufic dances, providing music and movement for groups. In this audio clip, she explains how she began dancing and some of the rewards she found.

Dancing is expressive and soothing and so much more, it is "sweet".

Silvana's Hot Fudge

The Rio Grande is frozen and covered with a layer of snow. You have friends dropping by for dinner. What better desert can there be than hot fudge sundaes to warm the after dinner conversation?

For Silvana, the pleasure of creating the sundaes is part of the gathering. She chops nuts, whips fresh cream and tops it all with maraschino cherries. Fun food with friends does not have to be fancy and a classic cold ice cream with hot chocolate is so simple but seemingly so hard to put together that it gives the impression of being fancy.

She calls the fudge sauce she has been making for years, “evil wicked stuff” even though she is not sure where she first encountered the wicked recipe.

Hot Fudge Sauce (Paula Brinkley)

1 box unsweetened Baker's chocolate


2 C brown sugar (packed)
2 C heavy cream

Melt chocolate and sugar in double boiler.
Add cream.
Cook, stirring frequently, to soft ball stage.
Remove from heat and stir in:

1 1/2 T vanilla extract
chunk of butter
(2 T brandy - optional)

Silvana includes the suggestion that the sauce can be frozen for storing and a strong warning against trying to double the recipe.

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