Engine rumbles to life. Mounted on my Craftsmen 16 horse riding mower I pull out into the yard and begin mowing. Thirty minutes into mowing I notice on a turn at the corner of the yard that a group of my neighbors are gathered out in the street. Rumble rumble rumble chewing weeds as well as grass into pulp. At the same turn I see that they are still out there in a discussion. This time I notice that they are all watching me, turning their heads looking my way and back again looking at each other. Odd.
Time's slow shuffle and months have passed. Rumble rumble rumble and I'm mowing again. Nothing untoward but before I could finish the front yard I see the same group of neighbors out in the street at the corner. I see Sam is carrying a sheet of paper and they all are studying this paper in turn. Same people. I stop for a moment and watch them for a second and I see that now they are exchanging money. What the heck?

Sam standing in the street "Crap, why is it I always end up doing this dumb stuff"
Tom spouts, "Hey you thought of it so don't get you're panties in a wad"
Zig puts in, "Come on pay up and quit bellyaching about it"
Castro a little scolding, "Hey who's going to do the numbers for the next time?"
Tom replies "Alright I'll do it but somebody else has got to hold the dough"
Sam, "you think Al know what's going on? I mean it's suppose to be random."
"How can it not be random when he only mows his yard every blue moon" says Zig.
"Alright what's it going to be this time $5 per square?" Sam counting his winnings.

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