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Story Chip is still a growing experiment in not entirely social media with both Twitter and Facebook identities that just do not address all situations. Our blog may well become our soap box to promote the value of all the stories that can be told in a format the encourages universal participation. We would all like to be able to control how our stories are told, but events and perspectives make that impossible. For example, this week marks the anniversary of the arrest of John Scopes for teaching evolution in Tennessee. What do we remember of John Scopes? How do modern Republicans feel about the fact that it was the Democrats that defended the biblical version at that trial? Has this story gotten lost in the depictions on stage and film?

While many of the stories from Dayton, TN are lost, each day provides new opportunities of inclusion of people and their stories. Behind the headlines about the death of Osama bin Laden is the Apache demand for an apology from the Navy for using "Geronimo" as a code word for communicating the status of the team's effort in Afghanistan. Geronimo has been the subject of so many movies and books that it is unlikely that one more story will have a huge impact on how he is seen. What story are the tribal leaders hoping to protect? What are the stories that still need to be told?

At Story Chip, we do not pretend that there is one version, a single "true" story of a person or an event, and we have no delusions about "setting the record straight". Our hope is that by offering a forum for telling the stories of our lives that a richer and dynamic understanding be available. Where are the stories of John Scopes family and how that trial changed their lives? Can we share the stories of the Apache tribes to better understand the times that created a legendary figure?

This blog will focus on the need and processes for collecting our histories and sharing them.

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