A Mother's Story that is only Partly Written

Over wine and pizza, the discussion turned to mother's day and more particularly, mother's. There was no agreement on anything during that conversation except that all of us had a different experience with our mothers and very different memories and of course it did not help that half of the participants in the conversation were mothers themselves or that only one of us had a mother that was still living.

There are so many stories of what it means to be a parent and how much that has changed in the last fifty years. The fragile nature of these stories came back to me while helping a friend clear the remaining furniture and keepsakes from the home of her aunt who had recently passed away. Among the final pieces was this yarn on canvas still life.


On the back, printed on the brown kraft frame backing, was the following description:

This was done during the summer of 1973, while watching the Watergate hearings on television.
When you look at this, remember the corruption, burglary, perjury that took place in the name of a higher cause, i.e. the re-election of Richard Nixon.

Was this a mother's story? An artist's? Story Chip exists to record these stories.

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By the way, you are invited to share your stories of your mother on Story Chip. She will love your thinking of her.

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