Thanks for 2012. Next up, 2013.

Story Chip enjoyed rapid growth in 2012, not viral wardrobe malfunction growth, but steady sustainable expansion of both our content and readership. A website that has lofty goals and a zealot's faith in its mission can never afford a moment of idle satisfaction, so this discussion allows us to view what has happened over the last several months and our vision of what is coming in the immediate future.

Just looking at numbers of visits, members and new stories added to our archive, it was a pretty good year. We have seen numerous peaks in visits per day, per week and per month as we continue to have more people reading stories told by other people. Roughly three quarters of our pages were created last year even counting the many pages that were created in our remodeling, that is a solid indication that more people are fighting through the blank screen syndrome and writing. Finally, more than half of our members joined the site last year. Welcome to all of you and happy to see you stop by.

Numbers are interesting but they can never tell the whole story, which is why our site has more words than numbers. Our Pomperaug Pioneers have been busy remembering and sharing their life experience in more than 70 stories, including audio and video. Jean has originated classes in saving oral histories as part of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and her students have contributed to our growing collection.

Two of our authors passed away during the year. The pain of their loss is softened by knowing that they left some part of their history on Story Chip.

Coming up next? Who knows what kind of stories our readers will submit, but it will be fun to find out. We have started a second OLLI course and continue to work with groups in recording oral history. We have begun our “recipes for memories” section with the introduction of the official Story Chip cookie and will be adding more stories from the kitchen this year. We are working on making the site more accessible on mobile devices and some other surprises for the new year.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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