Stories for a Valentine

Here's a suggestion for warming the heart of your Valentine this February. Add your memories to Story Chip! Valentine stories celebrate relationships, so they cannot be jammed into groups of “the day we met” or “our golden anniversary” or any of the moments that make stories worth retelling. Valentine stories can become the metaphor for a relationship, that example that defines those days or decades together.

Right now is a good time to set your fingers to the key board and relate that memory that reminds someone special that they are indeed special. Think of this as a kiss under the mistletoe, not one of those intrusive public displays of affection that has passers by yelling “Get a room!”. To everything there is a season and we are in the season of recognizing and remembering those moments of affection.

To help spur your thinking or just to enjoy a little romantic interlude, here are some samples that are already in the Story Chip collection.

Young love that works out? Here's a story of the first prom that became a wedding after waiting out a war.

“We were also served dinner which was included in the bid – and, as I learned later – cost $5! Little did I know that in five years – after a long painful war, my date and I would marry!”
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Is that too traditional? Maybe you would prefer a more philosophical discussion of creating traditions in a relationship with some magical side trips.

“She is a real estate agent. She puts up signs that say “For Sale” or “For Rent”. He is a creature of habit. When he arrives someplace new, he lets himself get lost under the theory that the next time he travels the same road, he will know where he is. He was lost and looking for a place to live. He saw a sign in front of a house that might suit. He called and of course got voice mail. They both knew the minute they started talking. Of course, she could help him find a place to live (and maybe to love).”
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How about a wedding that was not perfect, but not many were during WWII?

“Once upon a time, back in March 1944, I was rather suddenly, to be married on 10 days notice. It was wartime. My navy husband-to-be was between assignments and uncertain of his next orders – so – no time for that big church wedding, or any bridal showers. No time to send out invitations or gather bridesmaids.”
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Finally, a daughter remembers the way her parents kept their marriage with large doses of laughter.

“There was a hushed silence. The secondary players in the scene (the siblings) fidgeted and shifted nervously. Jenny calmly looked away from the tree, stone-faced. Then slowly and deliberately let her eyes rest on each of her offspring – the co-conspirators – in turn. Finally her gaze came to a halt upon her husband. Jenny and The Mister stood, eyes locked, expressionless, until finally the tell-tale upturn at the corners of the mouth and the simultaneous burst of uncontrollable laughter – abandoned, wild and extremely contagious. All who participated always swore it was the most delicious eyes-tearing, belly-hurting laugh any of them every had.”
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I am glad that we have a day to stop and remember why we are close to some people. The stories can lift us and remind us of our humanity and how frail those bonds can be. Take some time to read the stories here and if you are not inspired to add your own, I hope at least you will feel the need to hug some one special.

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