Terabytes of Dolphin Oral History

If you are not a regular listener of NPR's “All Things Considered”, you have never experienced the “gotcha” moment when you suddenly realize that it is once again April Fool's Day and the staff at NPR has put together another wonderful piece of audio that shows that we are all a little gullible when we trust the source, or we accept that truth is always stranger than fiction or just that the fun of laughing at yourself is the tastiest. My own favorite, was a number of years ago when the subject was the economic and physical danger of producing maple syrup. I was doing fine until they started talking about maple trees spontaneously exploding injuring or killing sap harvesters.

This year's treat is close to our hearts at Story Chip. If you run a web site that collects oral history, you listen intently when you hear about a group that is recording dolphins stories about serving in the United States Navy. Some might not even notice that the sorrow over not being able to collect the memories of the “rescue bunnies” causes more laughter than genuine remorse. Our thanks to everyone who refrained from sending us an email suggesting that we add these great stories to our archive. Also our thanks to those of you who fell into the annual NPR extravaganza and are enjoying the reminder of your humanity. Finally, thanks to NPR for another job well done. Sorry we cannot embed the new story, but here's the link.

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