Story Chip Podcast at URBN

We are thrilled to announce that the story of Story Chip has recently been featured at URBN where you can listen to our podcast discussing all the great features of Story Chip and what makes Story Chip important to you. We are proud to be featured in a blog post introducing Story Chip, also at URBN.

At Story Chip, we are all about stories. Stories are what hold cultures together. They are the glue that hold generations and families and tribes and what hold civilizations together as they cross and mingle boundaries. Our civilizations stories are told, passed on from generation to the next but as in the game of telephone, those stories tend to get muddled as they pass from one generation to the next. So, to maintain the integrity of our stories and to make connections and expand historical accuracy, Story Chip is collecting stories from the world over.

Beyond collecting stories of individual story tellers, Story Chip is working to link historical organizations, oral history collections and other organizations that help to tell our collective story. With the help of our readers and contributors, we are working to expand our network. With larger story collections added to those stories of individual story tellers Story Chip is expanding to become an important anthology of the stories of our world in a fully searchable format.

We hope you enjoy reading the Story Chip blog and listening to the Story Chip podcast at URBN.

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