The Pasty Society at the famed Flora-Bama Lounge

I call some multi-cultural set of high rollers whom I have had the pleasure in meeting as the the pasty society. They are a " no color," set of high rollers, who don't really care about race, creed or color.

You will *not* find them at low priced, discount houses, but places like casinos and the Flora-Bama-Bar at Gulf Shores, where an image took place on the 1st of January of 2004. [Hurricane Ivan destroyed the Flora-Bama :-(( ] BUT in its condition, it still continues ON! AMEN!

And I do not know how to add an image to this system! And your cotton pickin wizzard sucks.:-((((

Thank God that they exist because they will hurt the rising centers with such names as "Center for Cultural Diversity," and other like sounding terms.

People, who create such centers, *fear* the rise of the pasty society, because it might put them (rightfully) out of business.

It is similar to the fear exhibited by bureaucrats who owe their empires to keeping a supply of people who are homeless, out of work or suffering some other type of ailment. The same fear transfers to unproductive elements of any academic/artistic community who think in terms of grants to support their projects. We would find people banging on their doors if they created something that would have *some* economic value.

I guess that we can apply this to a whole line of educators, who have just not seen the light. But they need to present the image that they have *high expectations* and that they are doing their best to create products who will be able to function.

EVERYONE has a chance to make it in this wonderful country! Far too many blame others when they fail. If we all thought in terms of a society without color, unfortunately someone would want to be *purple.* And then the caca would start over again, and again, and again.

Yes, I am prejudiced - against those who use crutches to explain why they failed. I may never have a lot of money, but I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. I love being around the *pasty society.* They make me feel wonderful because their positive attitudes just make my day.

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