Jean McGavin

Jean is a founding member of Story Chip. She began thinking about oral history collections in 8th grade in Mrs. Anderson's fabulous World History class at Williamsburg Junior High School in Arlington, Virginia. Mrs. Anderson's lesson on the battle of Lexington and Concord required the reading of first hand accounts of the outbreak of the battle. The crucial problem was that no two accounts were the same, beautifully demonstrating that history needs many stories to provide a full understanding of an event. She held onto the inspiration offered by Mrs. Anderson with the completion of an undergraduate degree in history. Story chip is the result of those years of inspiration.

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Holocaust Remembrance Day January 27th is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Share your story or a story of your loved ones. Help us keep these stories a vital piece of history.


In Memoriam: Peter D. Kwass

By: Jean Lichty New York, NY © 2016 He would have loved the first presidential debate of the 2016 general election, appreciating the clash of ideas and flash of personalities....


Dinner at Yumiko's

When I was an adjuster in the little town of Sarasota in the Fifties there were 2 exceptional orthopedic surgeons, Bob Greenwood and his partner, a Greek, Ilias Konstantinu. ...


Potato Gun

One summer when my son was about 14, he had a couple of friends staying with us from overseas - Jason from Hong Kong and Basile from Paris. I was trying very hard to be...


Royals Versus Mets 2015

…. watching the world series. First game. I know, it’s crazy. I never watch sports. But I love the World Series. I just do. No, I haven’t watched a game all year. No, I have...


Women's History

Debutante circa 1970 Girls bake cookies, boys build furniture. That was the way of things in my home growing up. That also meant that girls spend time with mom and boys spend...


Pretzels and Ice Cream

I am already getting hungry just thinking about writing this. My parents both grew up in Pennsylvania, in Pennsylvania Dutch country. The local treat was ice cream with a big...


A Poem For A Lost Son

Fate of Sergeant E. Mettetal – poem A Poem: Composed in 1890 by A. M. Mettetal A prisoner lies in the Florence cell With languid thoughts of home Of parents dear, of friends...


McSorley's Old Ale House

Yesterday, March 18, 2014, the day after St. Patrick’s Day, and in honor of my Irish Water Spaniel, Mickey’s birthday, and in honor of Women's History Month, we visited...


Battle of the Oranges

Carnival, Karneval, Mardi Gras, or Martedi Grasso. Whether you are in Rio, Quebec, Marseille, Binche, Cologne, Dakar, New Orleans, or Sydney it is a day to celebrate. Maybe...


Mr. Fortune

September 12, 2013 Today in Waterbury, CT. a former slave by the name of Fortune will be remembered and buried. After Fortune’s death in 1798, his bones were preserved for...


Bethlehem Fair 2013

The annual Bethlehem Fair, in Bethlehem, CT took place September 6, 7 8 2013. The weather was perfect, crisp and clear. Little children approaching the gates with their...


Irena Delahunty

A little over a year ago I joined a group of women at the Alzheimers Resource Center of Connecticut, Inc. The group is the Daughters Group - for daughters of those with...


An early summer night in Connecticut, 2012

Adams Supermarket, Watertown, CT Add a story; read a story; either way, you gather chips in the game of life. Last night my daughter and I were startled by a couple of kids...


9/11 Ten Years Later

It has been impossible this last week to avoid the crush of constant discussions and special programs about 9/11 in the media. I have listened to some, but there is much too...


Belleview Forest

In the late fifties, before there were cell phones or computers or color tvs, I lived on a lovely cul-de-sac near Washington, D.C., in a neighborhood called Belleview Forest....



On Selling Shoes and Penicillin My father sold shoes. During the Depression, if you could find work, not working was not an option. He was in school but worked when he could....


Adventures In Travel

Blood Orange I had boarded the plane at Dulles with a dreadful cold. My ears had become clogged and painful and I spent a lot of time futilely shaking my head like a dog...


St. Patrick's Day

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I would like to recount what I know about Henry McGavin, my great-grandfather. Henry and his 2 brothers left Fermanagh County, Ireland about...


Earthquake in Japan 2011

An unprecedented 8.9 earthquake has slammed the sea off the coast of Japan and a tsunami has torn into Japan and spread out across the Pacific. This happened early in the...

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