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Student activism in the 1960's produced many innovations and profound changes in the processes of education and culture. Kirkland College was a graphic example of the influence of an era on advanced learning. Today, that sense of activism and Kirkland College can only be seen in the stories of the people who lived them. Story Chip is delighted to collaborate with the women of Kirkland in sharing those stories.

Carol Rupprecht Has Passed

Sorry people. I know this is not the best way to encounter this information, but a person beloved by most of us died just a few days ago. Her husband, Pete Suttmeier was good enough to share her obituary and I reprint it below: Carol...


Comfort Cary Richardson

Professor of Physical Education Emeritus Comfort Cary Richardson died Friday, Oct. 26, in Kennett Square, Penna., where she and her husband Channing had retired. They first came to Clinton in 1952. Comfort pioneered women’s athletics...


Experience of a Lifetime: Kirkland College

I went to a wonderful college in upstate New York. It was the sister school to a very prestigious men’s liberal arts college. It only survived 10 years but I always saw the men’s school as the poor little brother rather than the other...


Winter Study At Kirkland

I was a big fan of Winter Study at Kirkland. I transferred to Kirkland after my freshman year so I was not able to enjoy all 4 years of Winter Study. I spent my first of 3 winters on the hill studying piano, the second learning how to...


Kirkland College: A brief history

Kirkland College, the last coordinate women's college in America, was born in the mid-1960s during a time of great change. As social structures were questioned, moon exploration beginning, and educational frameworks stretched beyond...


Jan Sidebotham's, K'79, Speech at First Coed Hamilton Graduation

In the spring of 1979, Hamilton College celebrated its first co-ed graduation. Kirkland College, its coordinate institution, had ceased to exist the previous year, when the two schools merged under somewhat acrimonious circumstances....


Painting a Senior Project

I started with the second class at Kirkland ('73), but graduated in 3 years, i.e. with the first class ('72), partially thanks to lots of AP credit, partially to taking an extra class each semester. I had taken no art in high school...


The Womb Room

The story of The Womb Room is reprinted from Kirkland Alums web page. More links to Kirkland activities can be found in the links section of the Story Chip Forum. On the second floor of List Art Center, opposite the curved stairwell,...


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