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Many people felt that the most significant event of the last millennium was the invention of the printing press. There is no doubt that brininging affordable literacy to the population of the world changed everything about culture and allowed Harold Innis to begin writing about the exchange of information as an economy. Innis' presentation Minerva's Owl, details Hegel's observation that we cannot recognize great changes until it is too late to alter the outcome. From Innis, it is possible to speculate that the web has eliminated barriers to publication in the same way that the printing press eliminated barriers to education and that the outcome will be every bit as profound. The web may well be every bit as significant as the printing press in determining the future of mankind.

Not the usual profile? I have always been captivated by ideas and no ideas have been more intriguing than those first voiced by Harold Innis. Reading Innis as an undergrad, is clearly the reason that 20 years later, I completed my doctorate and taught communication on college campuses.

Story Chip is the extension of thinking about communication and culture as a dynamic system that is driven by symmentropy.

The Calder Cup Attends a Party

Watch party number 5. The bad news is that the Hershey Bears did not look the terror of the regular season and lost. The good news is that Texas Stars found a way to win the...


Melting the Chocolate

There are times in a person's life when events have just become too overwhelming and the only thing left to do is curl into a chair with a large package of chocolate in one...


Listening to Horses II

The First Mustang Wreck I have always heard that getting on a horse means that you know that one day you would be coming off, suddenly, just part of the pleasure of riding....


Cowboy Credibility

Cowboy Credibility When I arrived in West Texas, it was fairly obvious to everyone that I wasn't from these parts . There were several things that seemed to interfere with my...


Happy New Birthday Year

“I usually stay home on New Year's Eve because I don't drink with amateurs”, was Ed McMahon's response when Johnny Carson asked him if he had celebrated the new year. An...



Donuts. Beignets. Sopapilla. Bread dough, deep fried and coated with sugary sweetness. There must be something universal in our tastes that has led to a treat that crosses...


Burial at Snow

Burial at Snow (audio file) My sisters were animal lovers, kittens, guinea pigs, ducks, chickens or anything else they could find but there was one morning we all wished they...


Going to the Theater Commando

As the third of seven, I was one of the “big kids”. My younger sister is still in therapy over the fact that as four of seven, she never graduated into being one of he “big...


Pocket Full of Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Joker (audio file) All families have ways to lighten the load and brighten spirits. Seven small people will find ways to entertain themselves with practical...


A Moment with Gretchen

Have you ever wondered: Why dentists put abstract art on the wall instead of the ceiling where you can see it? Why those instruments that look so tiny on the swiveling tray...


Ultimate Ginger Snap

Digital cooking, well the cooking may not be digital, but there is no doubt that the Internet has certainly changed the way we think about storing and sharing recipes. When I...


Austin, Honky Tonks and Shopping Carts

FoldUnfold Table of Contents Wedding on a Dusty Lake Shelley King Drought in Texas Wedding on a Dusty Lake Not too long ago, before the drought. Texas had lakes. As bad...


McGavins of Ontario, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Texas

Growing up, we heard very little of the background of my father's family. I knew the story that when his ancestors arrived from Ireland, they had changed the family named from...


A 9-11 Oral History from West Texas

In the weeks following the bombing of the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, Tumbleweed Smith was teaching a class in techniques of preserving and presenting oral history....


Living in an Icon

FoldUnfold Table of Contents Hats, Mustangs and Austrians Cowboy Poets Hats, Mustangs and Austrians I blame my parents for causing me to spend most of my life disliking...


Graduation Day

Rituals are important, usually more important to the observers than the participants, but still very important parts of the stories that we tell. If there was a section of...


Drawn from the Sunny Side

One could argue that there was a time when being a mother was simple, bake cookies while wearing a shirt waisted dress kept neat with a ruffled apron, and always smile. After...


The Phantom, the Fox and the Braves

The Phantom of the Opera opened in London in 1986 and on Broadway in 1988 and went on to become the longest running and financially successful musical. A touring company began...


Seven Reasons to Avoid Holiday Travel

Before Interstate highways, piling into the station wagon for a trip from the suburbs of Washington, DC to Reading, Pennsylvania was something akin to an adventure. It usually...


Easter Epic

For many hockey fans, nothing is anticipated more than an overtime game during the playoffs when the games continue until one side or the other scores the goal that instantly...

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