Autumn Recreation

Yes – I’m a thief! No, I’ve never been caught I must confess. It happened many years ago while I was in high school.
It was a quiet autumn evening and our “group” (not gang) would get together looking for something to do.

“I know where there is a great watermelon patch nearby and it would be easy to take a few.” spoke up one of the boys. Needless to say were on our way to the farm. The farmers would plant watermelon seeds along the rows of corn where they grew to a good size protected by the tall ears. This became an autumn recreation - to steal a few nice melons and fortunately we were never caught!

We usually would stop at my house to get my mother’s special butcher knife then take our fruit to the public park where we would indulge in our feast there. I think we were fairly neat and didn’t leave a mess at the park.

My mother who knew about the watermelon raid since we used her knife would say – “now Elsie honey, I don’t want you to go out stealing watermelons but if you do – bring one home!” Why do melons taste better when they were stolen property?? Apple orchards were also “game” in the fall. The “city folks” never got to experience these autumn raids! Too bad! My Mother who wasted nothing also made great watermelon pickles from the rind!!

Elsie Johnson
Southbury, CT, March 2012

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