Being Sixteen In The Thirties

School Activities - Girl Reserve Club - an athletic club with after school games. Cheerleader - would practice after school.

Social Activity - Rainbow Girls - we had meetings and dances on the weekends.

Dancing lessons - Tap and Toe

Saturday and Sunday Activity - worked at Woolworth’s for $0.15 plus a fraction an hour. (I could buy a nice blouse for $1.00)

Babysat for neighbor girl for $0.35 an evening (from 7-12pm and sometimes doing dishes)

Usual Saturday home chores:
Dusting the staircase
Cleaning my room which I shared with sister.
Other jobs that needed to be done, ie, dishes.
Sweeping the kitchen floor, helping my father too.

Fun Times - Riding up and down main Street looking for the action (there wasn’t any!!!)
going to “The Lake” in the corn fields - there wasn’t a drop of water, but good music!)
Going to the skating rink - “Round and Round”. Once I fell and a dozen skaters skated over me.

I still had fun in my teen years - stealing watermelons in the fall and taking them to the Public Park to eat them after we stopped
at my mother’s house to get her large butcher knife. Is one of my fondest memories!

Of course boys were always on our minds and talked about!

Elsie Johnson
Southbury, CT © 2015

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