Born – 1924 in Landrum, South Carolina.
Entered college with mandatory R.O.T.C. in 1941.
Called into active duty – November 1942 in Army – 3 years and 6 days. In combat in Europe with Patton’s army for 11 months.
B.S. degree – University of Richmond 1947
M.B.A. degree – Ohio State University 1949

For 13 years worked in several management positions with McKesson and Robbins, at that time, the largest entity in pharmaceutical world.

11 years (1963-1974) – President of Ketchum, Inc. the nation’s 2nd largest drug wholesaler.

At age 50 retired from corporate world and continued real estate development which started in early sixties as a weekend hobby.

5 small office buildings.
Approximately 60 homes

Then specialized totally in housing for retirees and elderly.
550 Condominium units.
120 Apartment units
These apartment units sold in 2009

First wife – 2 children – 4 grandchildren
Present wife – At Lutheran Home with Alzheimers

David T. Daniels
October 26, 2012
Southbury, CT

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