Blueberry Hill - My First Love

“I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill
On Blueberry Hill when I found you.”

I met Bill the summer of ’39.
His family was spending the summer in Perry.

“The moon stayed still and lingered until
my dreams came true.
The wind in the willow tree sang a sweet melody.”

We were parked on a nearby country road and would watch the moon come up. We made plans for our future together. Yes, there was some “necking” as we used to call it.

“But all of those vows we made were never to be.”

Soon summer was over and Bill returned to California with his family and I went into my nursing program.

“Though we’re apart – you’re part of me still.”

The years went by – we kept up a full correspondence – then the war went into full swing. He enlisted in the Coast Guard and I finished my nursing course.

We eventually married other people. We did see each other once in California with our spouses. It was a little awkward.

“But he’ll always be my thrill on Blueberry Hill.”

Elsie Johnson
Southbury, CT 2012

Fate takes care of our lives – married a wonderful man and had a very good life for 64 years. But I guess we’ll all remember our “First Love”.

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