Childhood Remembrances - Janet and Claire

Hair cutting – My friend in life and I were left to our own entertainment the afternoon after school when her mother was playing bridge with other ladies and my mother at my home.

We decided to play at Janet’s and her older sister was there to supposedly “supervise” us. Janet and I decided to play “barber” as her father had gotten a new hair clipper. Now Janet had natural curly hair with long finger curls and I had short, straight hair. I played the first barber and cut off every other of Janet’s curls and trimmer her neck. We thought she looked good.

Now, it is Janet’s turn and she took the clippers up and around the back of my head and trimmed my neck. Then we both thought we looked good, but I became a bit concerned about the close shave at the back of my head. However, we threw all the hair in her mother’s wastebasket and by now it was five o’clock and I left for my home.

I tried to not let my mother see my new hairstyle and Succeeded until the young man who boarded with us came in for dinner and said, “Elsie, what happened to Claire’s hair?” Whereupon I had to explain and received a few whacks from mother.

Janet’s mother was not happy with Janet’s hairstyle and Mrs. Berry cut off the remaining finger curls to make her look “even” and more presentable.

The next day we did not speak to each other or walk to school together because we blamed each other for our misdeeds. However, we made up very quickly and that good friendship lasted 77 years when Janet left this life – 1930-2007.

Claire B. Lamb
Southbury, CT ©2012

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