Clothing From The Past - Garters

When my sister who was three years older than I, graduated from grade school, she became a member of the Sodality in our parish. The best perk of belonging to this youth group was the Sunday evening social which included dancing to popular records. I longingly watched a she dressed for the dance. After what seemed like an eternity, it was my turn. After “fixing” my hair, as we called it then, I donned a silk dress and silk stockings. Since panty hose was yet to be invented, a garter belt was the sustaining garment. It was a dreadful, wide, belt-like piece of underwear with four long stocking clips hanging from it. It was far from comfortable. I quickly learned that during fast dances like the Lindy, one hand had to restrain a swirly skirt from rising too high and revealing those awful garters!

Veronica Berrill
Southbury, CT © 2013

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