David T. Daniel

My Earlier Vacations

My father was a combination of a postal carrier and farmer. It seemed he worked 12 hours per day, but he did find time to play, that is hunting and fishing. He also thought that the family always needed a vacation, whatever that is.

I believe it was in the summer of 1929 when I was 5 years old. Dad loaded all 10 of us in his B model Ford. He, my mother and oldest brother sat in the front seat. Dad had carved out a small box to fit over the drive shaft. Brother Ray and I sat back to back on this box. The five sisters found some place on the back seat. On top of the car were a tent and a large container of food and whatever.

Off we go before sunrise on a 200 plus mile trek on mostly unpaved roads across South Carolina to the coast. Near Charleston we pitched the tent in a small picnic area. It was 90 degrees, and humid. My mother prepared five days (3 in tent and 2 traveling) of cold food (no refrigeration). Fried chicken was king, with cans of fruit, jam, jelly, etc.

The mosquitoes were ferocious. We learned from small homes nearby that we had to have a continuous night fire to ward them off.

I do not know what the ladies did all day. There was no beach. Dad took us boys fishing. I believe we did this trip for 3 continuous years. I remember a car breakdown, a flat tire and running out of gas. But my father just loved everything. I was too young to know what’s what – but were these vacations??

Dave Daniel
Southbury, CT ©2012

Professors Who Influenced My Life

Prior to World War II, I attended a small Methodist college which was largely liberal arts. This college had a mandatory ROTC from which I was called into active service in November 1942. For the next 3 years I was in the military (note that I have written several Story Chips about these...


The Airship

The Hindenburg The airship is lighter than an aircraft with an engine that moves through the air. The main body of a typical airship is a huge cigar shaped balloon filled with a lighter than air gas. This air, normally hydrogen, raises the craft and keeps it afloat. Airships were introduced in the...


First Travel From Home

First Travel From Home This took place in August 1941. At age 17 I had graduated from high school in May and in August I traveled to a small college about 50 miles away for football training. My coach, an alumnus, arranged for a full scholarship. For two weeks I labored in 90 degree weather, and in...


My Favorite Holiday Memory

My favorite holiday memory took place in the war year of 1944. I was, as an infantry man, engaged in battle in France and Germany. This began in July. When Thanksgiving arrived in November we had not eaten a hot meal for over three months. Those cold meals were known as C and K rations. On that date...


My Favorite Book

The Imperial Cruise By James Bradley In my last two years in high school we had weekly class for an hour in current events and I was able to follow Hitler in every step he took in Europe. Added to this was the fact that as a family, at supper time my folks discussed the news in newspapers. We also...


Our Founding Printers

In our schooling we all learned that Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin were key figures in the creation of the Declaration of Independence. But, do we know who printed the famous document? It was John Dunlap of Philadelpia and Mary Katherine Goddard of Baltimore. Consider the risk...


The Strange Thirties

“The Martians Are Coming” As we entered the decade of the thirties and I became 6 years old, I felt that something seemed strange or wrong. My parents talked about what they read in the newspaper and heard over the radio. There appeared to be an era of lawlessness and dare-devilness. For example,...


The Amazing Writer

The recent press has been raving about a new book which will hit the bookstores in days. Early copies have been sent to literary groups for their review. The word is “Smash Hit”. The book in question is entitled To Set A Watchman. The author is Harper Lee who is 89 years of age. Here is the story....


End of War

While researching material to write about the honey bee, I saw that Albert Einstein had an interest in bees and wrote about them. This certainly was a sideline for this great German physicist who won a Nobel Prize in 1921. He should be remembered as a great war hero. Einstein had a friend by the...


Extension to Horrors Of War

As Frank and I were bringing food to these sad people, our use of the main highway became a problem. The problem was the crowds of people. This highway was the broad road going East to West through the middle of the Ruhr Valley. On both roadsides German solders were surrendering with hands over...


A Witness To The Horrors Of War

Recently on PBS a documentary by Ken Burns viewed the life of Franklin Roosevelt and family. In one of the five episodes Ken told of happenings in 1945 war’s end in Germany. One happening was about the poor displaced people from Eastern Europe who were enslaved by the Nazis to work in German fields...


The Choo-Choo That Didn't Make It

On Labor Day weekend my son, Ken, and I flew to South Carolina to attend a memorial service for my sister, Ruth, who died in May 2014, at age 93. This took place in my small home town of Landrum. I have frequently written stories about this little town nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge...


Thanksgiving - Christmas 1944

70 Years Ago I have written extensively on my combat experience in this period. There are a few items that are unclear, plus a few that haven’t been mentioned before. After five months of consistent fighting, we came upon Thanksgiving. At this point we had not had a break since September. For over...


2013 World Series

2013 World Series Playing in this series are two teams often called “The American Teams” - The St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. These two teams were in the original 16 teams that comprised the two leagues. For decades, prior to the latter part of the twentieth century, all of thee 16...


Golfing In Asia 1988

In the fall of 1988, Elmira and I joined a couple of friends on an extended tour of southern Asia, which included India, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. In riding by bus through India we saw a couple of golf courses that were really rustic, with burnt grass and compacted sand for putting...



Webster’s definition of this word differs from that of the advertising world. Here it means “doing as” or “copying”. For examples in early movies cigarette makers paid large sums to have stars such as Clark Gable and Joan Crawford smoke as they acted. This convinced men and women to begin to...


My High School Days

After 7 years of elementary school I entered high school in September 1939 and graduated in May 1941. At that time, South Carolina only required 4 years or a total of eleven years for all public schooling. My small town had a population of less than one thousand, with the high school enrollment of...


Embarrassed In France

In 1985 my wife, Elmira, and son, Ken, and wife, Gina, traveled through France for 10 days. This was my treat since this young couple had been married for a short time. Elmira and I were visiting friends in Germany where Ken and Gina met us by way of England. Leaving Cologne by train, we arrived in...


My Church

During the nineteen twenties and thirties I grew up in the Southeast, where a large area, mostly the Carolinas, was known as the Bible Belt. The ancestors for the people living here were bifold. Large English settlements were made in Virginia around 1700. Later, splintered groups moved to the...


The Increasing Stature of Women

Amendment number 19 of our Constitution was ratified in 1920. It said that no citizen shall be denied the right to vote by the United States or any state on account of sex. Now after 200 years plus in this new country women were allowed to remove aprons, leave the kitchens and go out to vote. In my...

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