Favorite Foods Of Younger Days

I guess I was a little different as far as my favorite foods and treats went as a child. My mother had studied dietetics and was also an excellent cook so my favorite dishes were some of her specials like lamb croquettes and apple tapioca. I also loved a bowl of spinach topped with hard boiled egg. My grandmother who lived with us, had a stomach problem and we used to order acidophilus from the milkman. It was expensive and came as a very smooth cultured buttermilk. I loved it and was allowed small portions once in a great while. It was for Grandma so it became a very special treat for me. I told you I was different.

I wasn’t allowed much candy but one or twice a summer I went to a local candy store and bought a braided rope of licorice. Sometimes, if my mother was enjoying a Coca Cola which was seldom, I was allowed a sip or two. Yes, they had Coke even then - back in the 30s.

Later, as a teenager in Sarasota, Fl., a group of us would go to the “Smack,” a drive-in, and put nickels in the juke box and drink cherry cokes.

Oh yes, I loved Beeman’s gum and Black Jack gum and also Necco Wafers and Walnettos. You can still get the gum and Necco Wafers at the corner drugstore in Woodbury, CT.

Addendum: I had friends in Mt. Vernon, N.Y. who had moms with more lenient ideas. One mom allowed bread and butter and sugar on top that became my guilty secret when I was with my friend and was invited to share her refreshments.

Pat Broman © 2017
Southbury, CT

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