First Christmas Together - 1944

It was our first Christmas together. We had been married four months and were so “in love”. We decided to send out Christmas cards and have a Christmas Tree.

We had been lucky to obtain a darling two bedroom apartment in St. Augustine, Florida. It was nicely furnished except for linens and silverware. We took care of that problem by Harry steeling the linens off of his bed at the Base and I shopped for silverware at the local Dime store.

We found a small live tree and set it up in our living room. When it came to decorating it, we had to use our imaginations. Needless to say we couldn’t buy a string of electric lights, so Harry found a spot light and covered it with blue paper to shine on the tree. We had saved our coffee can openers which was a key with a strip of metal. It made a wonderful icicle when pulled out. To complete the decoration we found angel hair and a few strips of foil. We had a few decorated packages and candy which completed our first tree. We thought it looked very festive! As they say – “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. We thought it was beautiful!!!

Elsie Johnson
Southbury, CT © 2013

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