Hair and Sibling Rivalry

You’d never know it today, but I was born with tight curly hair, and it stayed with me for many years. I rarely set it or put it up and after a swim I could just dry it and it looked fine! My poor older sister had straight mousy-brown locks which she struggled with all her life, having perms and sleeping on bobby pins every night. She was very jealous of my blonde curls to say the least. Nor did I blame her.

She also hated cold weather and eventually moved to Florida full time, so when she became quite ill in her early nineties, I flew down for a final visit. She was in the hospital and in a nice private room. I introduced myself to her nurse explaining that I was a sister - whereupon she looked at me and exclaimed, “Oh - you’re the one with the hair!” Needless to say, I felt very badly knowing it still bothered my poor sister after so many years and it did seem unfair.

Jeanne Henry
Southbury, CT © 2015

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