Holiday Memories

Holidays were very quiet when I was a growing up. It was just the three of us to enjoy a delicious dinner and during the day or evening some friends or a relative might stop by to see us.

As a young child on Christmas Eve I was put to bed by seven-thirty and then my parents would put up the tree and decorate it. In the early morning we would all arise and then see what Santa had brought.

In later years, the real tree became an artificial tree and it was taken out and decorated usually the week before Christmas and on Christmas Eve it was the midnight service and if not too late after arriving home might celebrate the opening of gifts.

After marriage, it was the same and Christmas Day there was a good dinner with our parents and later on as parents grew fewer, friends would join us for dinner and the day was enjoyed by all.

Now the holidays are with my resident friends here at Pomperaug Woods.

Claire B. Lamb
November 2012 © Southbury, CT

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