I Love November

I love November. Many people don’t. If you live in New England, as I do, it can be cold and raw and a bit bleak, but the light has a different quality to it – there seems to be so much more of it. We don’t live in wide open spaces and the trees tend to confine us. To be sure, we need their shade in the hot summer months and we treasure the usual October brilliance, but once the leaves fall, the trees become distinct again; the woods are open to the sky. The whole world seems to expand. Sunsets tend to be dramatic – the air itself turns golden.

I feel nostalgic and more alive. Summers can make me tired – the heat is enervating but the fall revives me and never disappoints.

This is not a story – tho’ November brings abundant memories. Those from college years include football games and tail-gaiting; trolley rides from New Haven to the Yale Bowl; Thanksgiving treats and turkeys; families and friends gathered together and all of us always thankful beyond any words for our many, manifold blessings.

Jeanie Henry
Southbury, CT

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