Let An Old Headline Trigger Your Memory

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Topic: Let an Old Headline Trigger Your Memory

I know you expected me to bring in an “old headline”. However, since I had these Littleton Independent pages, I thought you might be interested.

There are many “old headlines” to trigger my memories - not just “headlines” but town news, town names and town activities — my father was born in Littleton, too,

Littleton, Colorado was a very small town — about 1500 people — so everyone knew the names of people and all the activities going on in town.

The Arapahoe County Court House was at one end of town. The Carnegie Library was at the west end. The railroad station was in the center — the town and stores were between — the Piggly Wiggly grocery stores, Saars Mercantile, a drug store, and 2 banks — and an ice cream shop where we all gathered after school. There were three churches, a grade school (the same one that even my dad went to!) and a new high school.

There were 2 doctors and one dentist.

It was a great town to grow up in.


Eleanor King
Southbury, CT © 2015

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