Male & Female

Recently, “60 Minutes” did a program on the discovery that male and female cells react to drugs and drug dosages differently. A study of white rats revealed this especially when they started using white female rats along with the usual male rat.

I don’t need a rat to point out the differences of male and female. I noticed that before I went to kindergarten!

I come from a family of mostly female and had three daughters of my own. I believe the placement of birth in a family makes a big difference on how children are raised. Usually a boy is expected to be the first born to carry on the family name and heritage.

I am the eldest in my family and looking back, I think I was expected to be the substitute male. When a project was needed to help my father, I was called upon – whether it was putting up storm windows, climbing ladders, working in the garden, carpentry projects, etc. Of course, it wasn’t too bad since my father insisted I learn to drive the car at age 13. However, I had to learn to change a tire before I could apply for a driver’s license.

I do think first-borns are expected to be male and accept the role no matter the gender. However since I am not a male – don’t look like a male or think like a male – or do I know how they think??

Today more women are accepting greater responsibilities in the male role and exceeding.

Whether it’s in industry – politics or even family responsibility, the male and female role can be interchangeable and accepted by both sexes. Example of the “stay at home husband” and care-taker of the children. The only thing for sure – the female will be the one who gives birth!!!

Elsie Johnson
Southbury, CT ©2014

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