My Biography - Spoty, The Beagle

My Biography – Spoty, The Beagle

I was a young Beagle in 1938 and came to live with a very kind gentleman who liked to hunt rabbits.

I had a nice dog house and fenced in dog yard all for me and life was very good. I spent time jumping up on to the roof of my dog house to survey the surrounding area and as my master said –“I could almost see New York City”!

In 1939, my master took a wife and her daughter and we all got along very well. After getting to know me and I them, my master’s wife and daughter took me into the house a few times and would give me some goodies to eat and take back to my dog house. When my master heard of this he said we had spoiled Spoty for hunting rabbits, but that was all right because he felt he was getting too old to tramp through the woods.

When the daughter was growing up she would give me baths and take me for walks and when she would hang out the laundry in the cold weather her hands would get very cold and she would come to my dog house and warm her hands. My master would make hay during the summer from a section of the back lawn and keep it for my bedding in winter. He would fill the dog house with the dry hay and I would settle it down for my bed and warmth.

My master’s daughter’s name was Claire and we became great friends and I looked for her return each day from school and later from her employment in New York City. In a few years Claire was married and she moved away and I missed her very much. Now I am 15 years older and in January 1953 one morning my master found I had not eaten my dinner and I did not move when he patted me and he was very sad, but knew that I had gone “to the Happy Land of the Animals”.

Claire B. Lamb
Southbury, CT © September 6, 2012

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