My Wedding Day, August 12, 1944.

It was my wedding day, August 12, 1944. in St. Augustine, Florida. All was planned for a 4 pm ceremony. At noon, the telephone rang. It was my bridesmaid, Laura, in Jacksonville, Florida.

"I can't get to your wedding - they won't let me on the bus," she exclaimed.

Transportation was very restricted during the war. Service people got priority. Members of our family were unable to come to Florida. Fortunately, Dr. Lockwood, Chief of Staff at East Coast Hospital, where I had just started working as a nurse, said he would love to "give me away." I remembered meeting a lovely nurse who was on night duty, so I quickly got in touch with Jan Adams.

"Of course, I'd love to stand up with you," said Jan. "However, I don't have any stockings to wear."

Hosiery was a war time item hard to obtain. White stockings for the nursing staff were hard to obtain too.

The wedding party and guests were made up of a few service people we had met at the Officers Club, and included, best man, 'Jan, my barelegged bridesmaid, Dr. Lockwood, who had to leave after the ceremony since he was on duty, and Maggie, the gracious hostess from the Officers Club.

I remember standing in the back of the church, thoughts flying through my head, "WHAT am I doing here, I don't even know this man."

Harry and I were married at 4pm in the lovely Flagler Church, as planned.

Maggie had graciously invited the wedding party to her home for a lovely reception. I still write to some of the guests.

I think you would call it a "typical" war time wedding. Harry and I had only known each other 6 weeks, however, we had sixty -four happy years together.

Elsie Johnson
Southbury, CT 2011

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