New Home - 1929

In 1929, after many years Grandma was told that a road would be built and her home would be gone!

So, the search was on to find a new home. We looked at many homes and found one we liked in West Orange and it had room for all of us. The grade school was close (2 blocks away). I was not happy to leave my friends. Best of all our home was on a dead end street and lots of children lived there.

Grandma stayed in her house until it was time to leaved and moved in with us.

Every summer we packed the car to stay with our campr for the summer. Each year we added improvements. Each year improvements were made in a new part and modern improvements.

Many years later it became time for a retirement home for mother and dad and we sold the camp. Mother and Dad had an apartment like Pomperaug Woods and we visited twice a year.

Ruth Hartmann
Southbury, CT © 2013

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