On Reading

I always loved to read. As a kid I devoured the Burgess books – Peter Rabbit and the like. I read them over and over and loved each one. Later, I recall always sitting in a red arm chair in the corner of a library in our summer home. Winters were spent in delight – in many ways. I would curl up in that red chair with a book most evenings after dinner – and my Mother often sat on a couch across from me – also reading. I really don’t recall what my siblings did – I had 2 brothers and a sister. My younger brother was brilliant and I always accused my Mom of giving him all the “smart” genes – especially in math. She was also very bright and they actually enjoyed doing math puzzles together! I started failing arithmetic in 5th grade – and haven’t ever recovered! Anyway, Mother and I both enjoyed reading and would often discus our books. Sometimes, I would get stuck on a word – such as – do you know what “emaciated” means? Or how about “poloponies”! – and he would have to come to the rescue. That younger brother used to drive me crazy as he was ALWAYS right – you know how that is – but in his defense I confess that in later years I called on him often to help recall something that had happened in the past. He is no longer living and I really miss that wonderful source of information. My older siblings are not living either and I miss all of them and cannot ask any questions about their former habits. However, I still enjoy reading and there is nothing I like more than really getting lost in a book. It is very satisfying and I am so grateful that I still have my eyesight – I will never take it for granted.

Jeanne Henry
Southbury, CT © 2013

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