Professors Who Influenced My Life

Prior to World War II, I attended a small Methodist college which was largely liberal arts. This college had a mandatory ROTC from which I was called into active service in November 1942.

For the next 3 years I was in the military (note that I have written several Story Chips about these experiences). Many friends in service were college boys who mostly were in schools of business. I decided to give this a trial upon discharge.

The discharge came in November 1945 and I immediately applied to 3 schools and was accepted by all. I chose The University of Richmond. I had some previous service nearby and loved the city. I really dug into the books and graduated early by going to summer and night classes.

My major professor was Byron Miller, who had a PhD from Ohio State University. Professor Miller liked me and obtained for me a fellowship at Ohio State.

I entered Ohio State in September of 1947 wth the expectation of a MBA within one year. My major professor at Ohio State was Dr. Theodore Beckman. He was tough but seemed to appreciate my work. He encouraged me on every step.

Unfortunately, my graduation was delayed with a ruptured appendix. I went South and taught at Mississippi State for two semesters. I came back to Ohio and finished my studies.

There was a gentleman by the name of Herman Nolen who had left the teaching world in Ohio and became a top executive at a large drug company. Dr. Beckman told him to hire me. So, 3 Ohio State professors had a tremendous influence on my business life.

David T. Daniel © 2017
Southbury, CT

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