School Differences From the 1930's to 2014

I will begin with grade school and high school because we were all in one building and also the fact that my father died when I was in the fourth grade and my mother then had to go to work. I had to come directly home from school and not bring my friends because my mother was not there and did not know what went on and I had things to do when I got home. I could go to my friends as their mothers were home. I also went to choir practice after school once a week and to a monthly meeting of the Junior American Legion Auxiliary.

Just before I entered high school my mother remarried, but she continued to work so rules still existed. However, my girl friend and I took piano lessons in Montvale, N.J. a little over a mile from my house so we would come to my house and get on my large tricycle. I would pedal and Emelie would stand on the back with our music bags hanging on the handle bars and off we would go. When we returned Emelie would wait for her mother to come for her by car as she lived on the opposite side of town.

In high school there were operettas and glee club rehearsals to which I belonged and for gym we always had to take an extra curricular sport activity in winter and spring. I would take bowling and archery.

There was no staying up until the wee hours of the morning to cram for exams for me. Bedtime was 9:30 and if I did not know my studies by then there was no sense to stay up to 3:00am.

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