Summer Camp

At the age of 9 I was sent to a boy’s camp in Raymond, Maine. It was an exciting experience. As a younger brother I wore a lot of hand-me-downs from my 2 year older brother. This camp required a complete Camp Hawthorn wardrobe. That in itself was a great joy.

The camp was in an idyllic spot on Panther Pond; very near Lake Sebago. Although not used to swimming in fresh water. I excelled in all the water activities and became eligible to go on canoe trips - especially some overnight ones.

I still have a photo of my cabin mates of 80 years ago. The camp was run by two professors from a Brooklyn boys day school. I went to this school for my senior year and was happily surprised to find 3 of my former cabin mates in my class. It made the adjustment to a new school very easy as I was treated as one of the boys and not the new kid on the block.

Jack Hearn
Southbury, CT © 2016

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