Two Difficulties In My Life
Difficulty #1

I think my father thought he was taking me on an educational trip. It was to a packing house. It was a terrible experience for me - I can still hear the cries of those slaughtered animals and see the blood running and knives being stuck in those poor innocent animals!! To this day I can not eat any meat - especially if it’s on the bone..

I’m a happy vegetarian!!

Elsie Johnson
Southbury, CT © 2014

+ Difficulty #2

When I was about 7 years of age a huge dog jumped on me and knocked me down - no one was near to help me. I’ll never forget the terror I experienced! To this day I am afraid of dogs - large or small. I’m not an animal lover - especially dogs! It took me years to allow my daughter to have a cat as a household pet. I did learn to love him (Bastille) after 19 years, and shed tears when we had to put him down.

Elsie Johnson
Southbury, CT © 2014

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