Winter Activities

I grew up in the City, so don’t remember doing much of the fun stuff of winter like sliding and outdoor skating but once I was married, we lived in the country and took up skiing. I really never got very far off the novice slopes, but had fun watching my husband and 3 sons zipping by while tending to our small daughter and we all enjoyed the “apres-ski” routine. It was a good family sport which I loved but then I always liked winter. It makes me feel more alive and invigorated than sultry summer days. I admit to being thoroughly spoiled living here, at Pomperaug Woods, where everything is done for me and I don’t have to shovel snow or chop ice or deal with the elements at all. When it snows it covers everything like a clean white sheet, and I sit at my window and watch my world being transformed. At night I love to snuggle under the covers, like a small child, and say a prayer of gratitude for their warmth and feeling of security. I feel very lucky to live in New England where we have 4 seasons - each one has something different to offer and each one makes a contribution to the whole thus rounding out the year. I wouldn’t want to live in a one-season place though I know many who do - so - I say, each to their own if they can manage it.

Jeanne Henry
Southbury, CT © 2015

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