A Sad Summer-Lauren M.

Have you ever lost a family member or friend?Well I have, it all started during the summer after fifth grade.My mom was on the phone with my uncle because my aunt was having a baby, and my mom was getting some news since they live in Mexico.But the news my mom got was not good.

After my mom hung up on the phone she commented, “Ramses is born,but he may not survive because his heart and lungs are not developed all the way.”My dad decided that we are going to go to Mexico, so my parents,siblings and I started packing up our stuff so we could go to Mexico.When we got to Mexico we stayed at my aunt’s house.When I saw my uncle, I saw sorrow in his eyes.My aunt wasn’t there because she was in the hospital.The next day my uncle and parents went to the hospital to go see my aunt and cousin Ramses.I didn't want to go because I thought it was going to be boring.

A few days after my uncle Daniel,my brother and I went to get pizza and ice cream.When we got back everyone was there and nobody talked.Then when I entered,the living room, sorrow filled the room.After that I slowly turned around and saw a tiny,white coffin I suddenly realized that Ramses was in that coffin,that he had passed away.The next day was his funeral and we buried him in Rio Blanco .There were fireworks because in Mexico when a baby dies they call him an angel and put fireworks..

I regretted not spending time with him.Now I try to spend time with my family because I don’t want to regret not spendidng time with them.Sorrow,is also something I dont want to feel again.To this day everyone is still sad for only getting to spend one week with Ramses.

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